Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best?
Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best?

Apple makes the most popular smartwatch in the world. The design and working of the watch are second to none, which makes Apple the leading contender in smartwatches.  According to some marketing estimates, Apple sold more than 30 million Apple Watches in 2019. That’s half as much as the whole Swiss timepiece sector, which includes big names like Rolex and  Swatch.

The Apple watches come with a tracker to track your fitness, steps, and even sleep in the newest versions. That is even before you take the external help of the Apple application. These watches come with built-in sensors to track every aspect of your fitness. Thus, making Apple the tech giant in the field of smartwatches.

While it may be tempting to simply get the most recent model with all the extra features that come with it, do not be tempted to buy instantly. It would be wise to research the Apple market since there are different models of Apple watches available.  Comparison shopping helps guarantee you receive the features you desire. It could even help you save some money in some cases.

Latest Apple watch models

The Apple Watch range presently consists of three models: Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch 6. Here’s a brief rundown of each model that will help you pick which Apple Watch model to buy without ambiguity.

Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was released in 2017 and cost less than $200 without further discounts. It has fitness tracking, access to the App Store, and emergency notifications. However, it lacks the complex biometric sensors and casing choices offered by Apple’s more costly watches.

It only comes with an aluminum casing, which is only available in dark Space Gray and Silver colors. However, the watch screens are on the smaller side, measuring 38mm and 42mm, respectively.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE, which starts at $279, has bigger watch screens with 40mm and 44mm display choices. Apple Watch SE, like Watch 3, also comes in an aluminum casing. However, it has one additional color apart from conventional space grey and silver, which is rose gold. Perhaps the most significant improvement over the Series 3 is the SE’s optional cellular connection. Even if the watch isn’t within range of the paired iPhone, users can make calls and utilize data for applications.

Apple watch series 6

This year’s flagship model comes with everything the SE does, plus a few more. The Apple Watch Series 6 is the only model with sensors that monitor a person’s blood oxygen level and collect ECG-based heart rate measurements from a hardware viewpoint. In addition, the display is constantly on. As a result, you won’t have to wait for information to appear every time you lift your wrist to examine your watch.

Upgrading to the Watch 6 opens up a plethora of different casing materials and styles. You can still have the standard aluminum casing, but you can choose Blue or Red in addition to the SE’s conventional colors. A stainless steel or titanium casing is also an option. Both of these alternatives replace the standard glass display with a highly durable sapphire crystal.

Thus, these are the current three models of Apple watches you might want to look into before deciding on anyone. Each model has different features concerning its price. We recommend that you should take a look at your preference and usage. Then only you can decide on buying the one which suits you best. Keep in mind that only purchase that model whose features are enough for you. Do not go for the extra features if they are not necessary. They will only increase the price.

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