What is discord? Why should you use it?

Discord application is often thought of as a service that is primarily for gamers. It is not at all true. Recently, the news is making the rounds that the tech giant, Microsoft, will be buying this application at a whopping price of 10 billion dollars. You may be amazed by hearing this if you are not aware of the application.

Although Discord did not become a global connectivity application like Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become an indispensable tool for people to communicate with their friends and larger communities through email, audio, and even video chats. In this article, we will tell you what actually Discord app is and why should you use it. Keep in mind that this application is not only limited to the gamers’ community.

What is discord?

The application was built in 2015 with the initial concept of building a community of gamers all around the globe. The developers wanted to make an application that will take up minimal resources from their laptops or PCs while playing the game simultaneously. This made multi-tasking efficient and the application was instantaneously a hit at certain parts of the world.

The service’s communities are referred to as “servers,” and they include audio, text, and video channels. When you sign up for Discord, you’ll see some comparisons to the famous communications app Slack.

Setting up discord

Discord, like many other chat applications, is free for Windows and macOS, but it can also be used in a browser tab if you are reluctant to download something. However, using the downloaded software has a few benefits, including the option to stream content to your platforms. You can also find the software much easier to handle if you’re lethargic with your tabs.

Apart from the conventional application on PC and MacBook, there is one other way to set up a discord application if you do not want to use the application on your computer. There is a discord application available for mobile versions as well. Also, it is available on both android and iOS platforms.

The method of making an account is straightforward like any other app. Once the sign-up process is completed, you’ll need to enter a server. The simplest way to get started is to request an invite to a Discord server from a friend who already uses it. In that case, clicking the connection would immediately connect you to the server, allowing you to begin communicating in channels.

If there is no one in your circle on discord, then you can search for the servers which are public. There is a search bar on which you can search different servers. Apart from that, you can also create your own server. There is a + sign at the corner of the screen and after completing the formalities, you can invite other people to join your server. However, we will recommend you not to create your own server if you are a beginner.

Why use discord?

During the pandemic, the application has grown substantially, and the number of open societies is remarkable. If you’re interested in a subject, there’s a high probability a group of people discussing it right now on Discord. After the rumored news of Microsoft buying, the reach of the application will grow exponentially.

Discord, being versatile, provides some openings for developers as well. Many streamers and public figures, for example, have private networks on Discord that are only accessible to Patreon subscribers, making it a valuable tool for attracting new users. Perhaps you’ll like it enough to go out on your own and become an influencer.