Tidying up your messy Facebook page

It is needless to say that Facebook is among the most used applications worldwide. It contains more than 2 billion users, with the number increasing day by day. For this reason, it has become one of the top trending social applications.

With so many people, including your friends and family, on your official Facebook, it can become messy when buzzing with activity every day. The News Feed can get overloaded with too much data, due to which important information can be forgotten.

In this article, we will tell you how you can clean up the mess of your Facebook page. In this way, you can filter out the necessary updates and information from your closed ones and will never miss it!

Unfollowing friends

You have more choices for customizing your News Feed on Facebook than you would realize, including the ability to unfollow friends. This is not the same as unfriending someone; you’ll still be friends, but their postings will no longer display in your feed. It’s ideal if you want to check in on or message someone from time to time but aren’t interested in the details of their daily life. And the best thing is that the people will never know you have unfollowed them!

To unfollow a friend, click the three horizontal dots next to any post in your News Feed and select Unfollow. Alternatively, go to your friend’s profile page, select Unfollow from the drop-down menu under the Friends icon at the top.

See fewer posts from selected people

For example, you don’t want to see as many posts from someone but still want to hear from them occasionally. Rather than unfollowing that person, you may choose to see less of their updates. This option may be found in the same drop-down menu as the unfollow option: at the upper right corner of any post in your News Feed. You won’t see as many postings from that individual in the future if you click Hide post.

Besides, when you hide a sponsored post rather than one from a friend, Facebook asks for some explanation as to why you did what you did. It decides which adverts to show you in the future based on your reaction. To have more control over the advertising you see on Facebook, click the Manage Your Ad Preferences option.

Making your loved ones the priority on News Feed

There will be specific individuals you care about more than others in any circle of acquaintances. Facebook provides a specialized friends list for your Close Friends to help you focus on your closest friends. Any updates from this select group will always trigger a notice, and the post will appear towards the top of your News Feed. Thankfully, they won’t know if they’re on your Close Friends list or not.

Look at the scrollable menu on the left side of the screen to create your list—select Friend Lists from the See More menu. Then select Close Friends from the drop-down menu. The Edit List option on the upper right allows you to add or delete friends.

Customized friend list

You don’t have to accept Facebook’s suggested friend lists. You may create a customized Facebook friends list based on the best of your friends, your closest relatives, or any other combination of persons you prefer by clicking Create List from the friend lists screen.

The lists you create for yourself will have no effect on how often you see your friends in your News Feed, but you may save them and use them as a substitute for the main News Feed. You’ll only get updates from folks on that list if you do it this way.