Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best? Apple makes the most popular smartwatch in the world. The design and working of the watch are second to none, which makes Apple the leading contender in smartwatches.  According […]


Updating your phone – An essentiality

Everything has its prime time in this world. So does our new gadgets as well. But as time passes, they become old along with their firmware. Manufacturers release patches often to keep systems running smoothly. […]

How Technology and Fashion Come Together - techspade.com

How Technology And Fashion Come Together

How technology and fashion come together Zac Posen succeeded in coming up with a cognitive dress that changes color based on your activity upon social media; Chanel has a history of working with 3D printers […]

the future of tablets

The Future of Tablets

What is the future of tablets? Are they going to skyrocket or to die? Let’s have a look. With the introduction of the first tablet “Linus Write Top” in 1987, these handheld devices that combine […]