Smart apps to ease up your driving

As annoying as our smartphones can be, you cannot devote all of your attention to them while driving. In the United States alone, distracted driving takes as many as 8 lives every day, and although smartphones aren’t the only reason, they do play a significant role, particularly when people use them more and more while driving.

Voice activation, on the other hand, will help the phone and car work together, and most applications now support it. You’ll be able to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road when responding to emails, taking calls, or switching to another playlist if you need it.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the apps which contain special car mode features making your driving experience a safe one.


The “hey, Spotify” voice order, which is now rolling out, was just revealed by one of the biggest music streaming services. It’ll be your ideal driving buddy until you have it. Simply say “hey Spotify, play…” followed by an artist, single, album, genre, or playlist while the Spotify app is open on your phone.

In the Spotify app, tap Search, then the mic icon next to the search bar to unlock the functionality. You can use the voice command until you’ve granted the software the requisite permissions. To switch it off, go to the Settings tab by tapping the cog icon (top right corner on the home screen of Spotify application), then select Voice experiences.

A Car View mode is also available on Spotify. A cleaner, more minimalist graphical user interface that is easier to read at a glance. When the app senses a Bluetooth link to a car stereo, this feature is enabled. Tap the cog icon in the app, then Car and Car view on Apple devices, or Switch to car mode in Android devices to ensure it still switches on automatically. You can’t manually activate it for when your phone is connected, unfortunately.

Amazon music

The Amazon Music app uses Alexa for hands-free access, which is unsurprising. Simply say “Alexa…” followed by your instruction when the app is open, and enjoy your music. The Alexa icon can also be seen in the bottom right corner of the ‘now playing’ tab, as well as on most other screens inside the game.

Alexa is intelligent enough to understand the majority of instructions. Request a playlist by name, or tell it to play tracks, albums, or bands. You might also request to hear music filtered by mood or “play the music I was listening to last night.” In the app, there’s also a Car Mode graphical user interface with bigger buttons and bigger album art. When a car stereo is detachable, Amazon Music’s Car Mode activates automatically.

In addition, unlike the other applications, you can manually start the mode. Go to Car Mode by tapping the top right cog button. In this mode, Alexa voice commands function the same as they do elsewhere in the app.

Google maps

The Google Assistant is now completely incorporated into Google Maps’ navigation mode. This allows you access to several commands and functions that you can use when driving by speaking to them. The bad news is that it’s just for Android users. To turn it on, go to Google app > More > Settings > Google Assistant > Transport > Driving mode.

Say “hello Google” and then follow up with your order while driving. Simply say “call…” and then their name to call or email a message to someone on your contacts list. You can also use relationships that you’ve applied to your contacts for quick entry. Say “hey Google, read my email” and have the assistant read the messages that have come in since you’ve been traveling.