Secondary functions of famous Google maps

Google Maps has become one of the most iconic and popular applications when it comes to navigation. People usually use this application to take assistance in traveling from one place to another. Apart from the primary purpose of navigation, Google Maps can also be used in other forms as well especially if you are completely aware of your destination.

In this article, we will tell you the secondary functions of using the Google Maps application which can enhance your knowledge about its functionalities as well.

Evading traffic bottlenecks

Let us take an example to understand this concept in detail.  You would probably remember the way to the nearest shopping mart from your home but the problematic thing is you are not aware of the traffic situation currently throughout that route.

It is where Google Maps comes in handy. Apart from the usual route navigation, the application tells about the traffic congestion throughout the way. As a result, you can take an alternative route which might be longer in distance but free of traffic to save valuable time.

Checking the traffic situation is pretty convenient when using Google Maps. After opening the application, write your destination for Google to tell you the navigation route. In the left corner, there is a traffic signal icon that you have to press to see the traffic situation.

Upon pressing it, you will see changes in your map with colored lines coming up. The color of the lines describes the traffic density on different roads with green being the lowest and red being the highest. You have to ensure that you have selected the lie traffic option as well.

Distance measurement

Google Maps can assist you in measuring the distance between two places. For example, if you want to know how much is the distance of the shortest possible route from your home to your workplace, Google Maps is there for you! Let us take a look at how to know the distances between two places.

When using the application in a browser, the process of measuring distance is pretty easy. Right-click anywhere on the map on the screen. A drop-down menu will appear in front of you and you have to choose to measure distance. You can select the places whereupon you click anchors will appear. As a result, the distance will appear on the screen letting you know about the actual distance between the two places.

It is a little difficult when measuring distance on phone. You will first have to deploy an anchor or a pin first by tapping anywhere on the map. When the anchor appears, press it again to measure the distance while dragging it to the final destination. Once you reach that destination on the map, tap the add point button coming on the bottom of the map. As a result, the distance will show on the screen.

Parking problem solved

Another superb functionality of Google Maps is you can check the availability of car parking. Once you have filled in the destination in the application, Google Maps will show you the shortest possible route to the desired place.

To further check if there are any parking slots available, you will see the parking icon in the corner of the screen. Upon pressing it, Google Maps will judge the parking slots and give the results such as limited, medium, and easy. In this way, you can choose your medium of transport. If the parking area is limited, you can travel through public transport while you can take a car if there are ample spaces.

Thus, Google Map offers much more than just navigation and it can help you more rather than just giving you directions of your journey’s end!