Optimizing your PS5’s storage space

As gaming consoles are becoming more popular throughout the world, the developers are making constant moves to make these consoles efficient. This is the primary reason we have seen two editions of PS5 released recently. one is the disc edition while the other is a digital edition.

However, playing with optimum efficiency without any lags is only possible when you play them locally.  The concerning thing for the gamers is that they cannot use this space completely as about 20 percent of the space is used for the system software.

Thus, if you want to play game games without any lags or space problems, you should know how to utilize your storage space as well as how to empty some of the space for future gaming. In this article, we will tell you how to optimize your PS5 storage space. So, let’s start

It’s pretty easy to check the state of your PS5’s internal storage. First, go to the home screen, then Settings, then Storage and Console Storage. A screen will come up which will indicate that how much storage space is allocated on your PS5 for which purpose and how much space is left on your machine.  You’ll also see all storage such as other media folders which may contain videos or images apart from your actual game data.

You can get into more details when you on this particular screen. By selecting any item, such as selecting any installed games on your PS5, will show you how much space is the game using. To see all the games space allocation on your device, go to Games and Apps to bring up all of the installed applications and games on your machine and it will tell you how much space they are all taking collectively.

The default settings of the PS5 will show you the most recent games you played at the end of the list of games. This will automatically put the older games on the top of the list so you can delete them easily. However, you can rearrange this list by size or date as well.

Besides, PS5 also caters to any externals USB drive spaces to which you may have connected. It comes separately which conveniently differentiates from the storage space of your device.

Freeing up space

The first thing you can do is to delete the games which you are no longer played or have finished earlier. By going to the storage menu, you can select the game and delete it. Before deleting, the device will show you how much of the space will be freed after this is done to give you a clear picture.

Apart from the game data, you can also delete other media files which may have been saved if you have installed other applications or saves a screenshot or a video of a certain game. From the storage menu, you can go to the media gallery and select the items you no longer wish to have on your machine. In this way, you can free up more of the storage space.

Also, if you do not want to delete any of the data due to any reason, you can connect an external USB drive to the PS5 and copy all the game data or the media files there. It will not only free up the storage space of your device but also your data will not be deleted. You can always use this data in the future if you want to by copying it from the USB.

Finally, there is also an option for the PS Plus subscribers. They can take the services of cloud storage. You can always keep your games saved on the cloud freeing up a huge amount of space from your device.