How To Get Amazon Music HD For Free

How to get amazon music hd for free -
How to get amazon music hd for free -

For 90 days: How To Get Amazon Music HD For Free

If you enjoy playing good music, Amazon Music HD is something that should get you very excited. We all know that a day will come when all music would stream in high resolution. Amazon is not only meeting this expectation but taking it to the next level. For many enthusiastic music-lovers, the launch of Amazon’s HD high-resolution music streaming is as significant as Apple’s introduction of the iPhone. Compared to other streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal, Amazon Music HD has already gained over 50 million subscribers – a huge success given that it took other streaming services over a decade to reach this milestone.

If you still don’t use Amazon Music HD or you have no idea how it works, you have come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about the music streaming service of Amazon. You will even discover how you can enjoy free streaming on Amazon Music HD for 90 days with no strings attached. Just keep reading to learn more.

What is Amazon Music HD and Why Should I Get It?

Amazon Music HD is a high-quality music stream service launched by Amazon in September 2019 to complements its Prime video streaming service. This service offers unlimited music high-quality music stream. If you ever toyed with the idea of streaming songs in Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) without having to pay an exorbitant subscription fee, this service just made it possible.

Shortly after it was launched, it gained massive popularity among the audiophile crowd, and in less than a year gained 60 million subscribers. Amazon HD Music promises and delivers value for anyone looking for quality in lossless audio.

Amazon Music HD Offers Lossless Streaming Quality and Here is Why You Should Be Excited About This!

Are you a fan of lossless streaming quality or you have no idea what that is? When you choose to stream music using this service, you can choose between High-Definition (HD) and Ultra-High-Definition (HD) streaming. Both types of streaming are encoded by the lossless FLAC codec.  Lossless audio compression gives hugely improved sound quality over MP3. It allows you to hear even the tiniest detail in the original recording.

Unlike lossy formats such as MP4, MP3, AAC, and WMA, the lossless audio format does not lose any bit of quality or frequencies at both the highest and lowest ends when compression happens. Other music streaming services such as Spotify still largely stream in lossy formats. This means the music may sound good but sound quality has already been lost when it was compressed. Should you choose the lossless quality offered by Amazon, you would be listening to a digital copy identical to the original recording.

How Does Amazon Music HD Works?

Are you already a Prime member? Then nothing should stop you from giving this streaming service a trial ASAP. You can sign via your existing Amazon account or download the app from Play Store if you are on Android and AppStore for iOS users. Once downloaded, you can log in with your existing Amazon account or create a new one if you don’t already have an account.

You can enjoy free high-quality streaming for 90 days if you subscribe via a special link. We shared this link below. Amazon Music HD works with all Amazon devices such as Alexa, Fire TVs, and Fire Tablets. The aforementioned devices support streaming in HD quality audio. You can stream in Ultra HD quality if you use Echo Studio, Echo Link, and Echo Amp.

You also need a compatible operating system to use this service. Nevertheless, nothing to worry about as all the Android and iOS devices released in 2014 and later support Amazon Music HD. If you wish to stream on your computer, the recent versions of Windows and MAC also have support for this streaming service.

You can use the exclusive mode to block sounds from other applications while playing music. This will instantly boost the quality of your audio and significantly reduce the likelihood of playback errors which usually occur when multiple applications play audio at the same time.

The Price is One of the Best Features

Amazon Music HD is almost the only place where you can stream lossless high-quality music for just $14.99/month. This gets better if you are already a Prime Member. As a Prime Member, you only pay $12.99/month. Additionally, existing Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can easily upgrade to Amazon Music HD for an additional $5/month. Other streaming services with lower subscription prices do not offer lossless high-quality as Amazon does.

Remember, you don’t have to pay for this right now. If you join Amazon Music HD through the link we shared below, you can enjoy free lossless high-quality streaming for 90 days with no strings attached.

Who Should Get Amazon Music HD?

Amazon Music HD is a natural choice for Prime members. This allows you to enjoy a higher quality streaming market in a very cost-effective way. The quality of streaming is perfect, the catalog of music offered by the service is superb and the surfacing of high-resolution content is a dream-come-true. When it comes to user experience and customer service, Amazon excels above other existing services.

Getting Amazon Music HD is a no-brainer. If you love any Amazon product, we guarantee you will absolutely love this. Don’t just take us on our words, give it a no-risk trial by using the link below to subscribe and enjoy Amazon Music HD absolutely free for the next 90 days. You can always unsubscribe at the end of your trial period.

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