How to Change a Batch of File Names at Once

If you want digital photos to have names that are more descriptive than something that looks like a license plate, you don’t have to type them one at a time.

Q. Is there an app that lets me change the file names on a bunch of digital photos at once so I can upload them to an online album with more informative names than DSC01970.jpg., DSC01971.jpg and so on?

A. Photo programs often include commands to rename files when you export them for uploading or sharing. For example, the Photos app that Apple includes with the Mac operating system gives you the opportunity to save a batch of pictures with a keyword and a number in the Export dialogue box when you choose Sequential in the File Name menu.

The free Adobe Bridge photo-organizer program for Windows and Mac can also rename photos in batches. Third-party utilities for renaming images in bulk can be found online as well with a quick search, but you may not need extra software for simple batch jobs.

To quickly change the name of multiple files, select them, right-click the group and choose Rename, as shown on the left. Enter a new name for one of the selected files and hit the Enter key to update them all and add a sequential number to the file name, as shown on the right.CreditThe New York Times

To rename a folder of loose photos all at once on a Windows computer, open that folder and select all the images inside it. Right-click the selected group, choose Rename from the menu and enter a descriptive keyword for one of the selected files. Press the Enter key to change all the pictures at once to that name followed by a sequential number.