Cloud Computing: A Brief Overview

Cloud Computing: A Brief Overview
Cloud Computing: A Brief Overview

Cloud computing has taken over the technology industry over time. It has displayed a lot of
positive impact in making computing and organization as seamless as it could possibly be.
Today, offices do not have to worry about the inconveniences of paperwork which include
transportation of data and management of office paper wastes, to name two. The inception of
cloud computing has birthed the end of paper management as hardware and software are used
to process, store, secure, and transport data over the internet which is synonymously referred to
as the cloud.

Cloud Computing in Recent Years

The technology has come through time since it became popular in 2006 owing to’s
Elastic Compute Cloud. Cloud computing has become a part of every organization promoting
business growth, personal storage, and more effective collaborations. Today, we find many
companies working effectively with remote teams in virtual workspaces and transferring data via
cloud computing.
Now, cloud computing has various security measures to make sure that users’ privacy is not
infringed as they are allowed to restrict their files and permit the use of others when they wish
to. Computing and collaboration have never been this smooth.

Major Industry Players

Since the inception in the seventies, many companies have ventured into cloud technology with
different areas of cloud computing emerging daily. Major players in the industry include the
legendary “deep blue” IBM with their IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure,
Google Cloud Services, and Adobe, to name five.

The Future of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is a developing area that has caught the attention of major players and the
future seems promising. In recent times, the various areas of the industry have grown rapidly
and the growth has been increasingly fantastic.
The emergence of its various divisions including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as
a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and even Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) has
provided endless opportunities for the industry to thrive and change the face of technology in
the foreseeable future.

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