Caution! Update your browsers asap

Caution! Update your browsers asap In general, you should try to maintain your devices and programs as up-to-date as possible. The persistent notifications and popup reminders to constantly update the applications are inconvenient and become a […]


Tidying up your messy Facebook page

It is needless to say that Facebook is among the most used applications worldwide. It contains more than 2 billion users, with the number increasing day by day. For this reason, it has become one […]


How can magnets help in making a computer?

The electronic devices such as computers and laptops we use generally work on binary principles that are primarily made with the help of zeros and ones. In simpler terms, they are called semiconductor chips. This kind of […]


Take a peek at Android 12 features

Recently, Google gave us a first peek at Android 12, its forthcoming smartphone operating system. The final release date is still a little far, possibly months or perhaps longer, depending on when different phone makers opt […]

Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best?

Which Apple watch suits you best? Apple makes the most popular smartwatch in the world. The design and working of the watch are second to none, which makes Apple the leading contender in smartwatches.  According […]


Futuristic laptop tech coming in 2021

If you want to know about the all-new exciting tech coming up in the year, do watch the highlights of the Consumer Electronics Show that took place for the cool and exciting new gadgets that […]