‘Black Panther’ treasures will be enshrined at the Smithsonian

Everyone knows by now that Black Panther is something special, and one of the most prestigious museums in the world has decided to recognize that.

A handful of artifacts from February’s Wakandan adventure will be featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture this fall. As of now they’ll be there for only a limited time — Oct. 24-27 — as part of the museum’s first-ever African American Film Festival.

Visiting Marvel fans will get to see a number of familiar items, including the Black Panther suit that T’Challa wore during Captain America: Civil War and the early portions of Black Panther. The exhibit will also feature a signed shooting script and an assortment of behind the scenes photos.

Perhaps most interesting of all: Several pages of a “spec” script will be featured. This early version of the Black Panther script could offer new insights into how the story came together, assuming they’re visible enough to visitors to read.

While the Black Panther portion of the exhibit is currently limited to that brief window in October, the Smithsonian’s website notes that the museum is “currently finalizing plans to exhibit the Black Panther costume on a permanent basis.”

In the same article, museum curator Rhea Combs explained the thought process behind including Black Panther in the exhibit. “I think the film presented notions of African regality, dignity, modernity and respect for culture and tradition that many people felt proud to see represented onscreen,” she said.

“The film festival is as much about celebrating and honoring the past as it is about recognizing and representing the promise of tomorrow, which is precisely what Black Panther represented as well.”

The Smithsonian’s four-day African American Film Festival will include screenings, classes, panels, and other special events. It looks like many of the specifics are yet to be revealed since the festival’s submission process only concluded last week, on June 22.

You can keep up with festival announcements and scheduling updates on the official website.