Best Platforms for Hosting a Blog


Blogging has become one of the hottest fields in the online market. People are not only blogging fun but some are earning passive income from their blogs. Are you also interested in starting a blog? You must know the basic tools required for blogging before investing your precious time and money. We are showing you the best platforms for hosting a blog.

Content Management Systems

A CMS is a tool that offers a complete easy to use platform for bloggers. These tools offer simple buttons and option to create your own website or blogging without blogging. In this article, we have discussed the top platform for hosting a blog in 2019. We have discussed the most famous platform, the pros and cons of each platform. 


A big portion of online sites is being hosted on WordPress. It is no doubt the most used platform for hosting sites and blogs. also goes in the same category as but there is a slight difference between hosting types. 

Pros of WordPress

  • WordPress offers full control of your blog or site. You can play with any aspect of your site
  • You can add extra features too in WordPress hosted blogs. You can add stores and forums too
  • Get access to thousands of free plugins on WordPress store

Cons of WordPress

  • You are responsible for the security of your blog and site
  • You must know the basics of HTML and coding


Wix has also become the top hosted platform for blogging. They have acquired millions of new customers in the last few years. They also provide full control over your blog and you can do almost anything at Wix. 

Pros of Wix

  • Drag and drop allows you to build a professional blog in a few minutes
  • Wix provides free and paid templates that you can use for your blogs 
  • It is really easy to use platform with better UI

Cons of Wix

  • You cannot change the chosen template
  • The free version shows their own ads and it can create a mess for your readers
  • There are only a few third-party tools on Wix as compared to WordPress
  • For online stores, the features are limited even in paid accounts


It is a free blogging platform by Google. People have been using Blogger for a long time but most of the users are now using WordPress instead of Blogger. You can get started with blogger without any fee.

Pros of Blogger

  • It is a free platform for Blogging
  • The UI is easy to use for any user
  • Google provided better security for its own platform

Cons of Blogger

  • They don’t have advanced tools to host a big blog
  • The templates on their stores are not as per modern needs
  • Blogger is not providing regular updates regarding features and tools


Although the social networking features are limited on Medium but still, most of the writers and bloggers are using this platform in 2019.

It is like a social media platform where you create account to share your content on your profile. 

Pros of Medium

  • It is easy to use like using any social media site
  • You can reach millions of people who share your ideas
  • Instead of focusing on the site, you can pay attention to the content

Cons of Medium

  • You can show your own ads to make money
  • It is not for building your brand as you get only a few tools for your blog
  • You cannot use your own domain name on Medium

Final verdict

All the platforms offer amazing tools and features and you can choose any platform that meets your requirements. If you want to make money, WordPress and Blogger can be good choices. For establishing your brand, Wix can be a better tool and for sharing your content only, Medium, Weebly and many other similar platforms can be better options. First of all, set your goals and then choose the best one.