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double barreled flame

Mini Shotgun Lighter

Ignite in style with this mini firearm.
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Use The Force

Lightsaber Torch

A powerful lighter from a galaxy
far, far away.
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What Customers Are Saying


"Amazing! I bought it for my boyfriend birthday gift [...]

He was very impressed and loves it so much and shows it off to all his friends. As far as quality, it’s very nice and the sound it makes makes it feel very luxurious and sounds almost perfect to Sanji’s lighter in the show."

Lyna Pham
Sanji's Lighter

"My friends were really excited when I showed off this cool lighter. The flame is legit. The lighter itself is quite light, easy to fill and use. I look forward to ordering more in the future!"

Karolina Janulytė
Fire Breather

"Absolutely love it. Make sure to follow the refill procedure properly but once you do it's such an awesome conversation starter."

Jerard Po
Luxury Match

"10/10 will definitely order more from here."

Violet Brushett
Dragonfire Lighter

"Amazing came perfect timing for my partners birthday and i tested it and i’m so happy with this purchase. Truly an amazing lighter works perfect just need to add fluid."

Elouise Sparkles
Stealth Gun Lighter

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